Mactex has been working very closely and cross finger to container and logistics handling specialist for Container Loading & Unloading System.
We have been setting up total solution to our clients from loading of material from manufacturers’ storage silo to end user storage silo, known as ‘Silo to Silo basis’.



Container Loading System means to fill up dry powder / granular, such as sugar, grain, woodchips, etc. for shipping and exporting purpose at maximum volume efficiency with higher return.

Mactex gaining our experiences in handling dry bulk solid into container with effective filling volume efficiency, in term of gravity discharge or pneumatic +ve blowing filling from varies industries.


> Gravity Discharge~ Container Tilter, with 90° ability for effective filling efficiency with weight monitoring

> Pneumatic Container Filling System ~ Blower with Dosing Equipment, Loading Gun and Fines Extraction System



Container Unloading System applied to the receiver (or namely end user) after receiving goods in container.

Container Unloading System is essential to handle & discharge dry bulk solid material from container to the storage, i.e. Storage Silo, etc.

Mactex handled many container discharging systems with considering of material properties and suitable system set up for optimum system performance.