Weighing & Batching Systems provide easy monitoring of material for production usage & quality control with data recording for easy traceability.

The Systems categories into two major methods: -

  • Gain-In-Weight System
  • Loss-In-Weight System

MACTEX providing highly accuracy weighing system with maximum flexibility for variable recipes & fully automatic Weighing & Batching Systems with integrated PLC / SCADA control system for daily consumption & data collection: -

  • High accuracy weighing control system
  • Safe, hygienic and dust-free system
  • Material batch recording, easy to monitor and ideal for inventory control

Equipment / Accessories integrated: -

  • Dosing equipment, such as Rotary Valve, Screw Conveyor, Loss-In-Weight Feeder, Volumetric Feeder, etc.
  • Inlet / Outlet pneumatic controlled valves with feedback signal to PLC for safety interlcok
  • Weighing equipment, such as Load Cells & Digital Weight Indicator
  • Sensors, such as level indicator for system cut off
  • Dust Filtration System (reverse-pulse jet), such as filter bags, pulsing valves, timer card, etc.